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Crystal Point Server Screen



Station Modes


Crystal Point is a full-featured touchscreen system adaptable to many different types of foodservice operations. Each station can be individually configured for fine dine, quick service, cashier, drive thru, or delivery operations. Instead of trying to adapt your restaurant's processes to a generic point-of-sale program, Crystal Point offers specially designed screens tailored to the way your restaurant actually works.


Server Station


For fine dining establishments where different servers will be using the same terminal to enter and recall checks, you can set the terminal to be a Server Station. On the Server Screen, the server enters their password or swipes a magnetic employee card through the card reader. This brings up a Table Screen that shows all the checks that the server has opened:


Crystal Point Table Service Screen


Each button that represents an open check is color coded according to how long its been since the check has been opened. This allows the server to see at a glance how long customers have been waiting for their order. You can set how long it takes the buttons to change color and you can also set the text on the button to blink if the check hasn't been accessed in a certain amount of time. Under each check button additional information about the check will display such as: a phone number that has been attached to the check, if a credit card has been authorized for the check, or a message that the server can type and attach to the check. Pressing a check button will bring up the check in the Order Entry Screen. After the server is done with the order, the terminal will return to the Server Screen so the next server can open a check.


As an alternative to the Table Screen, you can also represent each table in your restaurant graphically on a floor plan:


Crystal Point Floor Plan Screen


The color of each table on the floor plan changes according to whether the table is available, occupied, had the check printed, paid out or has been put on hold. Like the Table Screen, the text on each table is color coded according to how long the check has been opened. This allows for the status of each table to be easily discernable at a glance. Touching a table will open the check in the Order Entry Screen.


Quick-Serve Station


For fast food or bar establishments where customers will order and pay right away, Crystal Point can be set to be a Quick-Serve terminal. In this mode, the server starts an initial check from the Server Screen and enters the items on the Order Entry screen. After this check has been paid out, Crystal Point remains in the Order Entry screen waiting for the next order:


Crystal Point Quick Service Screen


At this point, the server can push any item button on the Order Entry Screen to start the next check. This saves time that can be so critical in fast food or bar operations. To further save time, payment buttons may be set up with preset cash amounts. So if a customer pays with a $20 bill, all the bartender needs to do is press the $20 Cash button and the drawer will open and the change will be calculated all at the touch of one button.


Cashier Station


For those establishments where orders will be paid to a single cashier, you can set the terminal to be a Cashier station. The Cashier Station screen is similar to the Server Station with the main exception being that the cashier has access to all the open checks, not just the ones opened by a single server.


Crystal Point Cashier Screen


Like the Server Station, the buttons are color coded depending on how long the check has been opened. In addition to recalling the check using the on-screen buttons, you can also use a bar code scanner to recall the checks. Each check can be printed with a bar code that the customer can present to the cashier. The cashier can scan the check and then have the order display on the screen ready for payment. Once a check has been paid out, the terminal will return to the Cashier Screen so the next check can be selected for payment.


Drive-Thru Station


For establishments with drive-thru windows, a Crystal Point terminal can be set up to start and pay out drive-thru orders. On this station, the checks are queued up ready to be paid out in the order they were started.


Crystal Point Drive Thru Screen


Once the first order in the queue is paid out, the next takes its place at the top of the list allowing for the fast and efficient processing of the orders that is so vital for drive-thru operations. If there is a problem with an order, it can be placed into a holding area until the problem is resolved. To further enhance it's drive-thru capabilities, Crystal Point can interface to an Order Confirmation board and Kitchen Monitors with bump bars