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Crystal Point Server Screen



Server Screen Functions


The Server Screen is the starting point for many of the functions that a server will do outside of actual order entry. From here servers can start checks, clock in and out, view their days activity and transfer checks among other things.


Crystal Point Server Screen


The server can use the on-screen keypad to enter their password or swipe a magnetic employee card through the card reader. Then they just touch one of the buttons to select the function they want. Each server function is designed to be clear and straightforward. This simplicity helps to minimize server training. For example, when a server enters his or her employee code and then presses the clock in button, the following screen appears:


Crystal Point Clock In Screen


On this screen, the server can view any messages, and then push a job button to clock in. That's all there is to it. The other server functions are similarly easy to use.


You can set up the look of your screen to be as elegant or as simple as you want. Choose the colors, button layout and background pictures to achieve a look that integrates well with your restaurant's environment. You can even add your restaurant logo to the screen background.


Crystal Point Server Screens


Setting up your screen is as easy as can be thanks to Crystal Point's WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology. For example, suppose you want to change the color of a button. Simply go to the Manager's Touchscreen functions to bring up the Touchscreen Menu and select the menu option to change the color:


Crystal Point Touchscreen Menu


This will bring up your Server Screen with a color palette floating above. In this example suppose we want to change the yellow Server Transfer button to green. Simply touch the color on the palette that you want to apply to the button:


Crystal Point Color Change Screen


Now it's just a matter of touching all the buttons you want to to change to this color. In this case, we only want to change the Server Transfer button so touch the Server Transfer button on the Server Screen and it will immediately change to the color we want:


Crystal Point Server Screen


Now exit the Touchscreen functions and it's back to the Server Screen to view the results...


Crystal Point Server Screen


...and congratulations are now in order. In just a few simple steps you have just changed the color of the button. Similarly, you can change the server function that appears on the button or change the text color along with the font type and size. You can also put a picture on the button and adjust the size of the picture so it fits perfectly. If you didn't want to have a button in that part of the screen you can make it invisible. Notice that Crystal Point is true touchscreen technology - you don't need to plug in a keyboard or mouse to make modifications because everything you need to make changes is touchable right on the screen.