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Crystal Point Server Screen



Splitting Checks


For customers who want to divide up checks to pay separately, Crystal Point allows your servers to split checks quickly and easily at any point during the order. It's all a matter of pressing a few buttons and the check can be split into two or more separate checks that can be paid out individually.


For example, to split a check the first step would be to touch the Separate Check button on the Order Entry screen:


Crystal Point Separate Check Button


This will bring up the Separate Check Screen. On this screen, touch the "New Separate Check" button to add another separate check to the order:


Crystal Point New Separate Check Button


This will create a new separate check to the right of the existing check. Now touch to highlight the items you want to move into the new separate check:


Crystal Point Separate Check Highlighting Items


Touch anywhere in Separate Check 2 and the highlighted items will move into the new Separate Check:


Crystal Point Separate Check Moving Items


That's all there is to it - you have now split the check in two. You can split the check any number of times by using the "New Separate Check" button. Up to 4 separate checks display on the screen at once, and you can select which separate check you want to display on the screen by using the check number buttons at the side of the checks.


Crystal Point Separate Check Edit Check Buttons


You can also use the buttons on the right of the screen to edit any of the separate checks showing. All you have to do is touch an item to highlight it and then touch one of the editing buttons to delete, re-order, combine items, or change any of an item's modifiers. You can also easily split an individual item between the separate checks. Highlight the item to split and then push the Split Item button. This will will split the item in two. If you wish to split the item further, just keep pushing the Split Item button to divide it into thirds, fourths etc.