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Crystal Point Server Screen



Management Reports


Crystal Point generates an extensive and detailed set of reports to allow your managers to monitor ongoing restaurant operations. Each report has up to the minute information and can be viewed or printed from any workstation.


Crystal Point Report Menu


The wide range of reports include the following:

  • Server Report - Provides a complete breakdown for each server of sales and revenue, credit card activity, and tip information
  • Revenue Report - The overall sales and income broken down by Revenue Center

Crystal Point Revenue Report

  • Periodic Reading - Sales, productivity, and labor totals reported by the half-hour.
  • Item Sales/Cost - The quantity and revenue of each menu item sold, or the food cost percentage of the items
  • Open Check Report - Lists any open checks. You can choose to list the open checks of a single server or all servers

Crystal Point Open Check Report

  • Cash Drawer Report - Shows the receipts by method of payment for each individual cash drawer
  • Category Report - The quantity and revenue for each category listed by overall sales and price level

Crystal Point Category Report

  • Hold Menu Item Report - Lists each menu item that the manager has put on hold, either manually or through the item countdown feature
  • Table Status Report - Lists the table numbers of open checks showing the server's name, check number, and the time the check was opened
  • Terminal Status Report - Lists the hardware devices currently operating on the system
  • Server Productivity Report - Reports sales activity for up to 20 departments, categories or menu items by server
  • Day Part Report - Sales, productivity, and labor totals for 5 programmable time intervals

Crystal Point Day Part Report

  • Void/Delete Report - Lists by server each void line, void check and delete performed by the manager
  • Period Summary Report - Summarizes sales and covers for each periodic reading time along with accumulated sales for the day
  • Inventory Report - Reports on raw product status, value and activity
  • Manager Control Report - Lists manager activity such as void lines, void checks, delete checks, discounts, paid outs, and account receivables

Crystal Point Manager Control Report

  • Audit Trail Report - Shows all the server and managers transactions for the day
  • Credit Card Report - Lists all credit card activity searchable by card type or card activity

Most of these reports are automatically archived during a System Reset. They can be recalled by date, and viewed or printed from the Crystal Base Database Management software. In addition to these reports, Crystal Point creates an expanded series of reports during the System Reset.