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Crystal Point Server Screen



Order Entry


The Order Entry screen is used for all check processing including entering new items, editing items already on the check, adjusting the price through coupons and discounts, and paying out the check. It has been designed with an emphasis on clarity and efficiency. The screen can be extensively customized to the exact look and feel that best fits your particular restaurant environment.


Crystal Point Order Entry Screens


The screen is divided into various sections with the main section being the item buttons in the middle of the screen. You can have up to 33 items on a page displaying at any time with quick access to 3 more pages of items via the Page Buttons.


Crystal Point Order Entry Item Buttons


Item pages can also be given user defined names and quickly accessed via the Group Buttons across the top of the screen. Group all your breakfast items into a Breakfast group, all your lunch items into a Lunch group etc. and then display them at the touch of a button.


Crystal Point Order Entry Group Buttons


More groups of items are available by using the Group Display button. When you press this button, a new screen displays that shows up to 25 more groups.


Crystal Point Group Display Screens


Just press one of the buttons to jump directly to the item page requested. Each item page can be uniquely formatted to it's own color scheme if so desired. For example you can make the breakfast items page have a green background with red buttons while the lunch items page have a blue background with yellow buttons. Its all up to you.


The bottom portion of the Order Entry screen has the function buttons that the server uses to modify or process the check.


Crystal Point Order Entry Function Buttons


There are many order entry functions available for the server to use. Among the functions you can assign to each button:

  • Payment- Pay out the check. You can prompt for the payment type or have preset pay keys
  • Preset Cash- Pay out check with a specific dollar amount
  • Credit Card- Authorizes a credit card for the check
  • Discount/Surcharge- Add a discount or surcharge to the check
  • Open Category- Add an item that is not a programmed menu item
  • Separate Check- Divide the check into different order
  • Print Check- Various options to print the check
  • Cancel Last Item- Cancel the last item ordered
  • Phone Number- Attaches a phone number for delivery orders
  • Destination- Designates the check as Eat In, Take Out etc. You can define your own destinations
  • Item Notes- Displays message files created to describe menu items
  • Menu List- Displays the menu items in alphabetical order
  • Total- Get the the total of the check
  • Remote Message- The server can enter a message to print on the check
  • Room Inquiry- Send an inquiry to the Hotel Front Desk interface
  • Service- Add a gratuity to the check
  • Double- Double the price of the next item entered
  • Numeric Keypad- Display a numeric keypad for numeric entries
  • Remote Override- Send items to a different food preparation area
  • Cancel Check- Goes back to the Server Screen. Cancels check if no items sent to the kitchen

Of course, you decide which functions you want to use and where they display on the screen. Up to 12 functions can be displayed on the bottom of the screen, with access to more functions available thru the page button on the lower right of the screen. You can keep pressing this button to access even more functions as demonstrated below:


Crystal Point More Function Buttons


As with the Item buttons and the Group buttons, each Function button on the screen is fully customizable as to size, shape and color. You can also set the text fonts, text color and text size or even have no text at all if you so desire. You can place pictures on the buttons and re-size the pictures to fit the button perfectly.