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Crystal Point Server Screen



Manager Functions


During the course of a day, managers may be called upon to perform various duties such as price changes and cancelling checks. Crystal Point makes such tasks simple through the use of built in functions that are accessible from any terminal. Each function can be individually assigned a security level to control which functions each manager has access to. To access the Manager Functions, all the manager needs to do is to enter a 4 or 5 digit code on the Server Screen, or alternatively swipe a magnetic manager card through the card reader. This will bring up a menu of the various Manager Functions:


Crystal Point Manager's Menu


Just push one of the buttons on the screen to access the function. Among the various tasks a manager can perform:

  • Void Check - Void an entire check before payment
  • Void Menu Item - Delete items from a check after the order has been sent to the kitchen

Crystal Point Manager Void Item Screen

  • Paid Out Adjustment - Enter cash withdrawals from the drawer for things such as charge tip payments and small purchases
  • Server Transfer - Transfer checks to another server, change the guest count on a check, or combine two open checks into one

Crystal Point Server Transfer Screen

  • Assign Cash Drawer/Bank - Assign employees to a cash drawer, assign a starting bank to a drawer or assign a starting bank to servers for server banking
  • Assign Group - Change the initial Item Page that will display when a Server enters a check

Crystal Point Manager Assign Initial Group Screen

  • Assign Price Schedule - Changes the price level of items at selected terminals. Up to 5 different price levels can be assigned by terminal
  • Assign Remote Printer - Reroutes items to another remote printer or stop printing at a remote printer
  • Hold Menu Item - Prevent an item from being ordered or enter how many of an item is available so the system can count down each time the item is ordered
  • Price Changes - Change the prices of menu items

Crystal Point Manager Change Price Screen

  • Assign Revenue Center - Change a terminal's revenue center assignment
  • Finished Product Waste - Delete raw products from inventory
  • Review Paid Checks - Examine or reprint a check that has been previously paid out

Crystal Point Manager Paid Checks Screen


Management Functions


Another set of manager functions can be called from the Management Screen. These functions have a higher security level than the previous manager functions.

  • System Reset - Updates cumulative totals and clears the totals of the selected time period
  • Delete Check - Subtract dollar values for a paid out check by re-entering the check with negative totals
  • Reset Cash Drawer - Clears the selected drawer totals to allow tracking of another shift
  • Reset Individual Server - Clears the selected servers period totals in case the server is no longer employed
  • Training Mode - Turns training on and off
  • MOP Adjustment - Transfers dollar amounts from one method of payment to another
  • Credit Card Batch - Submit or adjust credit card transactions
  • Touchscreen Settings - Set up the look of the touchscreen terminal