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Crystal Point Server Screen





Crystal Point fully supports restaurant delivery operations with a wide variety of useful features. Using the built-in delivery functions makes it easy to get a customer's information, attach it to a check and then transfer the check to a driver for delivery.


Typically a delivery order begins with a phone call. The server will then enter the caller's phone number into Crystal Point, or alternatively, the phone number can be automatically entered through the use of Caller ID. Secondary information such as the caller's extension, room number, office number etc. can be entered to further identify the customer. At this point the Delivery Screen will display:


Crystal Point Delivery Screen


If the caller was a previous customer, all of the information from previous orders will be displayed. Included on the screen is the caller's name, address and any delivery instructions. On the right side of the screen, up to five of the customer's past orders can be accessed and displayed in the window. After entering the customer's information, press one of the buttons on the bottom right of the screen. These buttons do the following:

  • Start Order - Start a new order with the phone number attached to the check
  • Start and Attach Order - Start a new order with the items in the past order window automatically added to the check
  • Print and Exit - Print the delivery info out on a printer for the driver to use
  • Save and Exit - If you needed to edit any of the information use this button to save the changes and exit back to the Server Screen
  • Touch Keyboard - Activate an on-screen keyboard

It's usually easiest to use an attached keyboard to enter the customer data, but since Crystal Point is a true touchscreen system, you have access to an on-screen keyboard through the use of the Touch Keyboard button, or optionally you can set the on-screen keyboard to show when the Delivery Screen first displays.


Crystal Point Delivery w/On-Screen Keyboard


After delivery orders have been rung up, a driver can access the orders through the use of the Phone Transfer screen:


Crystal Point Phone Transfer Screen


The driver touches to highlight all the delivery orders he or she wants to pick up and then pushes the Transfer Checks button. Just like that, all the marked checks are transferred to the driver for delivery and payment. When the driver returns from the delivery run, all the checks that were transferred can easily be paid out through the use of the Cashier's Screen.