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Crystal Point Server Screen



Check Editing Functions


The server can easily edit a check through the use of the check edit screen. To access this screen, all the server needs to do is touch anywhere in the check window on the Order Entry Screen:


Crystal Point Order Entry Screen


This will bring up the Check Edit Screen. This screen will display the current check with the editing functions on the right side.


Crystal Point Check Edit Screen


From here, all the server needs to do is touch the screen to highlight one or more items in the check window and then press one of the check editing buttons. The check editing functions are:

  • Delete Items - Highlight all the items you wish to delete and then touch the Delete Items button to delete them. You cannot delete items already sent to the kitchen.
  • Move Items - Highlight all the items you wish to move, touch the Move Items button, then touch the place on the check you want to move the items to.
  • Change Modifier - If an item has modifiers you can change them by highlighting the modified item and pressing the Change Modifier button
  • Re-Order Items - Highlight all the items you wish to re-order and then press the ReOrder Items button to re-order them.
  • Combine Items - Combine two or more like items by highlighting them and pushing the Combine Items button.
  • All Items/Single Item - Press this button to edit items with quantities. For example, if you highlight a line with 2 of an item and hit the Delete Button, if set to All Items, it will delete both items. If set to Single Item, it will delete just one of the items.
  • Cancel Changes - Cancel any changes made so far.

In addition to the buttons used to edit the check, there are up to 24 additional buttons on the left side of the screen. Use these buttons to apply discounts or surcharges, send the items to the kitchen, print the check or calculate the check total. You decide which type of buttons display and where they show on the screen.