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Crystal Point Server Screen



Crystal Base System Management Software


Database management tasks for Crystal Point are provided by the Crystal Base System Management Software. Crystal Base is a separate back office program that allows you to easily perform data maintenance tasks without interruption to point of sale operations. Crystal Base enables you to locate, view and change any of your restaurant's data through the use of the familiar windows format of menus, icons and toolbars.


Crystal Base Main Screen


For example, you can click on the Menu Item icon on the toolbar to view the items in the restaurant in a traditional database grid view:


Crystal Base Menu Item Grid


Alternatively with the click of a button, you can also view the item data in a page format that makes it easier to see all the item's settings at once:


Crystal Base Menu Item Form


A full range of icons are provided allow you to sort and manipulate the data according to your wishes. You can delete, insert, cut, copy, and paste individual items or a range of items. You can also alphabetize, find, and filter them to make it easier locate the items you want to change. For example, if you only wanted to see the Prep Areas for Menu Items 50 to 65, you would click on the funnel icon on the toolbar to filter out everything except the data you need:


Crystal Base Menu Item Filter Screen


Another feature of Crystal Base is the ability to send messages to your employees. You can elect to send your message to a single employee, to a group of employees, or to all employees.


Crystal Base Employee Message Screen


The messages will display on the Crystal Point workstations when the employees clock in and out.


Each time that Crystal Point does a reset, it saves a copy of that day's reports and paid checks into an archive. Crystal Base gives you the ability to easily review those archived reports and guest checks. Simply click on the date in question from a calendar and all that day's reports and paid checks are at your fingertips.


Crystal Base Archive Screens