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08/14/08 - Crystal Point has been certified for Sterling gift cards


07/30/08 - New employee scheduler added


07/21/08 - Crystal Point has been certified for Mercury gift cards


Crystal Point POS Restaurant Software


The Crystal Point Restaurant System is a powerful and versatile PC-based Point of Sale System that is designed to address the needs of today's restaurant industry in an "easy-to-use" and highly efficient manner. The open architecture design provides the processing power of an efficient PC controller, workstations, and hardware options specifically designed for the harsh Point of Sale environment.


Toshiba ST-C10 Point of Sale Terminal


With an emphasis on touchscreen technology, the Crystal Point Restaurant POS System uses the finest quality hardware components in conjunction with a mature, stable software base to create a touchscreen solution which is easy to manage from the operator perspective without sacrificing the technical sophistication required by today's foodservice industry.


Key Benefits

  • Supported by Toshiba open point of sale hardware
  • High-quality touchscreen technology
  • Improve speed of service and overall operating efficiency
  • Simplicity helps to minimize server and manager training
  • Workstation modes allow for operational differences within a single restaurant


Crystal Point offers quality, reliability and a wide array of point of sale software and hardware features including: workstation options, multiple printer options and various operating and reporting choices.


Toshiba ST-A10 Point of Sale Terminal

Point of Sale Software that is Adaptable to Many Types of Restaurants

  • Fine Dining and Casual Dining
  • Sandwich and Coffee Houses
  • Night Club or Bar
  • Quick Service and Pizza
  • Take Out and Delivery

Crystal Point can be easily configured to meet the needs of a wide variety of restaurant establishments. From elegant dining halls to the simplest quick service establishment - whether you run a large multi-store chain or a single register diner, Crystal Point has everything that you would need in a complete point of sale software package. Click on the features tab to see all that Crystal Point provides.

Toshiba ST-A10 Point of Sale Terminal